Pack Wing Foil Gonflable Sroka Air

€ 2.468,00

hether you are a beginner or a wingfoil pro, you are looking for high performance, durable and scalable equipment. For those who need space and travel without the headache, we have combined all the qualities of a high-end wingfoil package with your desire for freedom. We have done everything possible to offer you a board capable of giving you a maximum of sensations. Thanks to its carbon plate covered with a protective layer of high-end PVC, the Sroka Air is unparalleled in its rigidity.

We offer several sizes of boards adapted to your size and level in these packs. They have a standard US double rail.

If you are wondering which Wing Foil Pack to choose, take the time to read our article “how to choose your wingfoil pack” to help you make the right choice.