€ 1.699,00

Dimensions: 193x71cm, 145 liters


With its compact outline, the X 145 is hyper maneuverable and reactive. Yet, with plenty of volume, even progressing windsurfers stepping off a GO will be ready for the X 145. The new rail cutaways will help you  take off from just 6 knots of wind and the extended, more curved nose will make it more forgiving when touching down. Powered by a sail between 3.7m2 to 8.0m2 and paired with Starboard Foil’s SuperCruiser, you’ll fly and float your way through foil jibes at speeds lower than you thought possible. Paired with Starboard Foil’s GTR Plus, you’ll unlock more speed, more acceleration and more G forces for a thrilling ride.


Available in the Starlite technology, crisp and sharp and adds the durability of a tank. It uses 0.6mm Australian pine wood with glass fibres and a Carbon-Innegra perimeter rail band to combine premium technology and a quality finish in a value package.


Model FOIL X 145
Constructions Wood Sandwich | Starlite Carbon
Volume 145 L
Length 193 cm
Width 71 cm
Tail Width 65.5 cm
Thickness 14.3 cm
Footstrap Rows 2
Fins Not included
Fin Boxes Foil Box
Recommend foil Super Cruiser
Sail Range 3.0 - 7.8 m2
Weight Wood Sandwich 8.3 kg
Weight Starlite Carbon 9.7 kg