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3.2 / 3.6 / 4.0 / 4.4 / 4.8 / 5.2 / 5.6


Unlike other brands, FLIGHT SAILS has chosen real product evolution over a mandatory yearly development cycle. Just like in software development, we prefer to define new releases by versions, making sure to only launch the next product generation when improvements are truly outstanding.
Following this approach, the new ZORRO v3 is the result of continued research and development over the past years - and we couldn't be more proud of it!
A widely improved wind range, an even lighter, more direct feel on the wave and stronger build quality while maintaining the light sail weight, are some of the key improvements of the ZORRO v3.


What's new?

  • Completely new panel layout in the luff section (improving wind range, more direct feel)
  • Slightly wider top (higher wind range and control in jumps, transitions and riding)
  • Bottom batten is placed higher up and more horizontal. (less board pressure when wave riding, loser board feel)
  • New Black Panther Ply foot material (stronger and more stable )
  • Window position slightly higher up (better visibility when wave riding)
  • Improved window material (stronger and more scratch proof)
  • Redesigned leach (more neutral twist and better handling)


What's the ideal conditions for the ZORRO?

In any type of wave riding, the Zorro will give you an unfair advantage. Super neutral on- off feeling with hardly no downwards pressure on your board makes it the sail of choice for snappy onshore carves and powerful down the line riding.

What boards are right for the ZORRO?

Any wave board, freestyle boards from 4,8 onwards work great ... even a very good foil sail if you want the best of two worlds in one sail :)


How does the ZORRO compare to the APHIX?

The Zorro will have less forward pull than the Aphix, the deepest point of it’s profile is set more backwards and slightly lower. It benefits the manoeuverability, light feel and handling. It will feel less stable in gusty and choppy conditions and it’s wind range is slightly more limited than the APHIX'.


What's the key characteristics of the ZORRO?

It’s lightweight and compact body ads easy handling to any rotation you throw it in. Our symmetric batten system and the Z-Slat will improve the sail's wind range compared to many other 4 batten sails on the market. It’s a top choice pure wave sail.



Size Luff Boom Base Battens Mast Top Weight
3.2 332 138 0 4 340 Vario Top 2.34kg
3.6 358 142 18 4 340/370 Vario Top 2.50kg
4.0 374 150 4 4 370/340 Vario Top 2.66kg
4.4 388 156 18 4 370 Vario Top 2.80kg
4.8 406 162 6 4 400/370 Vario Top 2.92kg
5.2 420 168 20 4 400 Vario Top 2.99kg
5.6 426 176 25 4 400 Vario Top 3.16kg