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4.5 / 5.0 / 5.5 / 6.0 / 6.5


We proudly present the Aphix v1!

Ever since we started the Flight Sails brand, people have been asking if and when a 5 batten sail would be available - understandable, as a 4 batten wave sail might not be the best choice at many spots around the world. A 5 batten sail still has clear advantages over a 4 batten sail on lakes, spots with extremely gusty winds, chop, etc.

Up to size 4,5 there is not really much places that benefit of a 5 batten vs. 4 batten, but above, depending on your spot, it can make a big difference. This is why we have put a lot of effort in building a 5 batten sail for our range ever since we started. It’s design note was inspired on the Zorro, but it would have to be more useable in difficult conditions. It had to feel more stable in it’s larger sizes and match free wave boards, freestyle and free ride depending of it’s size.


Key features

  • Higher aspect ratio (more stability in the top section)
  • Larger window area for better visibility
  • Deeper profile on bottom part of the sail (improves control and earlier planing)
  • ARD - Adapted Range Design (smaller sails have more specific wave oriented shape, larger sizes more free-wave/ -ride)
  • Double seem reinforcement
  • T-scrim laminate in the whole top section of the sail (weight reduction and ultra durable)
  • Symmetric batten wrap technology on batten pockets (better aerodynamics, batten sits inside the sail, not on top)
  • Black Panther Ply on foot panels (ultra durability in the foot area)


What's the ideal conditions for the APHIX?

The APHIX is a true all-terrain sail that will perform in almost any conditions you throw at it. Enjoy riding waves, a bump-and-jump session or flat water blasting on your local lake.


What boards are right for the APHIX?

Any wave, freestyle, free wave and free ride -board will happily be powered by the APHIX.


How does the APHIX compare to the ZORRO?

The APHIX has the deepest part of it’s profile slightly more towards the mast (more to the front) and higher up. Therefore it generates better upwind capabilities than the Zorro, exactly what one would want when the wave-and/or wind conditions aren’t 100% ideal. It’s extra batten and slightly more stretched top area will benefit control and stability, without losing much of the maneuvering qualities for which the Zorro has always been praised.


Size Luff Boom Base Battens Mast Top Weight
4.5 406 156 6 5 400/370 Vario Top 3.25kg
5.0 418 162 18 5 400/430 Vario Top 3.39kg
5.5 428 174 0 5 400/430 Vario Top 3.58kg
6.0 446 180 16 5 430 Vario Top 3.79kg
6.5 456 188 26 5 430 Vario Top 4.05kg