€ 755,00


5.7 / 6.2 / 6.7  7.2 / 7.7 / 8.2


The HAVOK v1 - The need for speed

The 7 batten Free Race sail for epic acceleration and brutal top speed! At the same time it's no-cam approach guarantees easy handling and quick rigging.
The HAVOK will blow your mind, as our exclusive 3D Development process allowed our lead designer Jose Fernandez to design one of the fastest free-race sails on the market, with impeccable handling characteristics, a lightweight feel and early planing capabilities.


Key features

  • High aspect ratio (super stable, great upwind capability)
  • Full monofilm window (less weight higher visibility)
  • Deep profile in boom area (excellent acceleration)
  • Ice Scrim laminate for all main body panels (ultra light weight, very durable)
  • In sail clue design (allows shorter, stiffer booms)
  • Square high end battens (as in all our sails, no compromise)
  • Double seem reinforcement
  • Symmetric Batten Wrap technology on batten pockets (placing the battens perfectly symmetric in the sail material itself, not on top of it > better aerodymanics)
  • Black Panther Ply on foot panels (extra durability in the foot area)


What's the ideal conditions for the HAVOK?

The Havok is all about speed. No matter if you want to use it on lakes, rivers or oceans. It’s pronounced profile and high aspect ratio outline will give you what you need to control even the strongest gusts without feeling pressure shifts on your hands. Blast and go fast!


What boards are right for the HAVOK?

Free ride, slalom, formula, speed, yes any board you want to have performing at v-max speed.


What makes the HAVOK so special?

Our promise: The HAVOK will outperform most other camber-less sails on the market. The reason can be found in our non rotational design. The essential part of this design is that the point of pull (the deepest point of the sail body which is essential for control and stability) doesn’t go back and forward when the wind drops or picks up a bit. Most other camber-less sails do have this disadvantage compared to a camber sail (This is why the camber was invented back in the 80’s!!).
In a nutshell: the HAVOK really feels like a camber sail, while having all the advantages of a non-camber sail (lighter, easier to water start, easier to rig, better handling, etc.)


What's the key characteristics of the HAVOK?

  • Acceleration and speed like a competition camber sail
  • Unbelievable comfort & handling
  • Easy rigging
  • Light sail weight due to ice scrim laminate used on all main sail body parts
  • High-end free-race sail at an unbeatable price


Size Luff Boom Battens Top Weight
5.7 422 186 7 Vario Top 4.35kg
6.2 434 198 7 Vario Top 4.58kg
6.7 448 208 7 Vario Top 4.87kg
7.2 464 212 7 Vario Top 5.10kg
7.7 476 220 7 Vario Top 5.34kg
8.2 486 232 7 Vario Top 5.55kg