AFS - preformer

€ 2.506,00

Step to the next level!



€2.051,00  €2.506,00


Get into high gear

Thanks to a more refined profile compared to its sister ranges Flyer and Carver, the Performer will allow you to accelerate without being limited to the wind speed while keeping the control.


A high performance foil that can be removed or not

The TBAR (mast + fuselage) can only be made in one piece or to gain in compactness it is also available in dismountable. On a one-piece TBAR, no additional screws and bolts are required, thus simplifying maintenance. On a removable TBAR, more compact to travel with. 


Don't worry about weight

The full carbon construction brings rigidity and lightness to the foil (complete foil weight: 3,1 kg). In the same way, you will no longer/not be bothered with marine aggressions such as corrosion which could weaken it.


Fly on all the wings of the range

The Performer range is available in 4 wing sizes (1,250 cm2, 1,450 cm2, 1,650 cm2 and 1,900 cm2). With one and the same TBAR, you will be able to fly between these wings but also on the wings of the Carver and Flyer range.

Mast size

  • 72 cm
  • 82 cm
  • 92 cm

Type wing

  • Performer 1250
  • Performer 1450
  • Performer 1650
  • Performer 1900

Rear wing type

  • 310
  • 440

Removable bar


1250 1450 1650 1900
Wingspan (mm) 950 990 1025
Surface area (cm2) 1250 1450 1650 1900
Aspect Ratio 7.2 5.9 5.7


-65kg 65-70kg 70-75kg 75-80kg 80-85kg 85-90kg 90-95kg +95kg
Wing foil Performer 1250 Performer 1450 Performer 1450 Performer 1650 Performer 1650 Performer 1900 Performer 1900 Performer 1900
Kite foil Performer 950 Performer 950 Performer 1250 Performer 1250 Performer 1250 Performer 1450 Performer 1450 Performer 1450