AHD FAST FORWARD / Freeride Windsurf

€ 1.199,00 € 799,00

117L - 130L


Timeless models, these freeride boards are easy, forgiving and high-performance. From beginner to experienced rider the AHD FAST FORWARD is a fun and progressive board.


Stability + control + ease = accessibility

V under the hull combined with a large concave for control and stability. With the help of light side flats, the board is able to ride progressively with great ease, well set up on a hull with a certain riding potential.


Get to the planning quickly

Thanks to its length, the take-off on schedule is easy and brings a great tolerance in maneuvers.

FF 117 FF 130 FF 145
Volume 117 L 130 L 145 L
Length 252 cm 253 cm 256 cm
Width 67,5 cm 72 cm 77 cm
Box Powerbox Powerbox Powerbox
Fin Freeride 43 cm Freeride 47 cm Freeride 49 cm
Weight 9 kg 9,5 kg 10,5 kg