SROKA SKY RIDER - 4'8 / 5'2

€ 999,00


4'8 / 5'2


The Sky Rider 4’8 or 5’2 wingfoil board is perfect for freestyle, race or wave riding. With a wide board width, stability is a must, especially at the start. These super versatile boards are designed for intermediate and advanced riders to take their riding to the next level.


The best possible construction for your wingfoil boards

We don’t build disposable products. We developed this board almost a year ago. We could have released it immediately, but in that time we have tested the strength and durability of this construction by putting it through everything our testers could throw at it.


The Sky Rider 4’8 and 5’2 are among the only ones on the market to be made entirely of full sandwich PVC carbon (or full sandwich PVC fibreglass, as you wish). This case contains a dense polystyrene block. Also, all potential weak points have been reinforced as much as possible with reinforcements. From the strap inserts to the leash plug and the carrying handle, all these connections are glued in a PVC block and reinforced for maximum durability.

The two US rails are not only surface bonded like most brands, but in a large PVC block running through the entire board. This construction is not only a guarantee for durability, it is a prerequisite for performance. In contrast to lesser constructions, you get the full feel of the foil thanks to the impressive overall rigidity.

This construction directly influences the longevity of your equipment. Saving natural resources through the production of durable materials is becoming increasingly important.

Please note that unlike the other Sky Rider boards, these boards are currently produced in China. To make the difference, the French boards have a made in France logo on the deck and a premium glossy finish. To find our made in France boards, click here. We also explain how our boards are built in an article.


The straps inserts of your Sky Rider board are reinforced and offer multiple positioning options (5 positions per insert), to allow you to easily adapt to all foil configurations.

Les coussinets rainurés dans le sens de la longueur offrent une adhérence maximale, même lorsque vous êtes sans bretelles. En ajoutant le kickpad à l’arrière, vous serez parfaitement connecté à la vague lorsque vous surfez. Son épaisseur le rend confortable sous le pied lorsque vous naviguez ou décollez à genoux, et les repères de couleur vous permettent de vous repérer immédiatement sur le pont.

At the Us rails, you will find a box marking that allows precise positioning of the foil on the rails and custom settings. This is very useful especially if you are using footstraps. There is also a wide, deep and comfortable carrying handle. Finally, the decompression valve is automatic: no more risk of forgetting to open or close it depending on the circumstances!


The Sky Rider 5’2 (77L) is the all-rounder for intermediate/advanced foilers. Ideal for those over 80kg, this 5’2 can become the only board to do everything. No need to have two boards, it will allow you to start very early thanks to an excellent glide propelled by the double concave. From 8 to 40 knots, this stable and easy board combines performance and reactivity. It will allow you to surf any size of wave. It could also be your perfect partner for freestyle initiation. In general, if you are at an intermediate/advanced level and you are looking for a board that performs well and is easy to ride, this is the board for you. The Sky Rider 5’2 is the perfect all-rounder.

The Sky Rider 4’8 (68L) is smaller than its big sister and is perfect for freestyle riders under 80kg. Its width gives you excellent stability in all conditions to send all your tricks with confidence. For those under 75kg, the balance of the board makes it an excellent flatwater race board. Its bulbous front end will give you excellent volume distribution for easy landing of jumps and getting on the board. Like the 5’2, it is an ideal board for those who want a single board capable of satisfying them in all areas. For those above 80kg, a minimum of 14 knots of wind is required to exploit its potential.

For those who are looking for a smaller board (38 L) with a water start, we advise you the Fast Flyer 4’6, the ultimate surf foil and wing foil board in the waves, or for those who want to go 100% freestyle. Made in France, with an uncompromising shape entirely dedicated to wave and freestyle wing riding.