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11'6 / 12'6x31 / 12'6x28 / 14'


Alpha Stand up Paddle boards are high quality inflatable boards, designed to glide and go on adventures. You don’t have to go far to push your limits. Stand up paddling is a way to explore your environment, near or far, in a different way. The Alpha is a lightweight, rigid and very durable inflatable SUP with a heat-welded deck and hull (Fusion technology), and 3 layers of PVC on the rails. The Fusion construction optimises weight and rigidity to meet any challenge and adventure.

The use of the best dropstitch on the market and professional RIB PVCs make our SUPs the strongest inflatable boards on the market.

Again this year we have redesigned the boards to make them atypical, original and unique. We’ve put the emphasis on adventure and the thirst for freedom, with a design inspired by the isobaric weather maps used by sailors and skippers who explore the open sea. 


Fusion technology is a primary step in the construction of the board. The top part of the dropstitch PVC (dense polyester filaments) is fused (not glued) with the second PVC layer. The benefits of this high-tech technology are that the overall weight of the board is reduced by almost 2 kg (20%). It also improves the visual appearance of the board, making it smoother and more pleasant to the touch. It also increases the longevity of the product by avoiding problems of delamination, which can be found on some brands. Finally, it increases the stiffness of the board by almost 30%, thus avoiding over-inflating the boards. We recommend an inflation around 15 – 17 PSI maximum. We are the only brand on the market to offer three layers on the rails to increase stiffness and eliminate air leakage problems. This technology guarantees you the most reliable product on the market. It is the best value for money in the high-end inflatable Stand-Up Paddle market. The choice of materials, their assembly and the ergonomics of the user are the object of all our attention to facilitate your comfort. This is why we have redesigned the eva-pads in a diamond pattern for a better feel of the board under your feet.


We offer two options:

- single pack: a board, a Sroka double action pump, a repair kit and a carry bag with wheels.

- full package: a board, a leash, an electric pump, a 50% carbon paddle with plastic blade and a carry bag with wheels. This package will allow you to get on the water immediately, with as little effort as possible.


ALPHA 11'6x32x5 ALPHA 12'6x31x6 ALPHA 12'6x28x6 ALPHA 14x27x6
Rocker Constant curve for an optimal top speed Constant curve to glide easily over the chop Constant curve to fly over the chop and improve the glide flat hull without rocker for maximum glide and efficiency
Rocker nose Light rocker for chop and surfing, with a narrow nose 12.5 cm of rocker in the front to facilitate the passage of the chop 12.5cm of rocker in the front to help with chop 12.5 cm of rocker in the front, making the passage of the chop airy
Rails Soft and round across the board for an unbeatable glide Soft and round on the span of the board which provides a very pleasant glide all along the board : soft and round to make the glide pleasant
Volume Even volume, the 5′ thickness allows it to be closer to the water level for better stability Homogeneous, the 6′ thickness increases its rigidity and the maximum load of the paddle Even volume, the 6′ thickness allows for more stability on the water evenly distributed and single chamber
Outline 32″ (81cm) wide in the centre of the paddle to optimize stability with a pointed nose to split the swell 31″ wide in the centre of the paddle which optimises stability, with a pointed nose to split the swell 28″ wide in the centre of the paddle to optimize stability with a pointed nose to split the swell 27″ at the beam and stretched with a pin tail to maximize the glide
Tail Square tail to give more stability Wide tail to increase stability Pin tail allows for increased glide speed
Drift Single fin with US box Single fin with US case Single fin with US case Single fin with US box
Rigidity excellent thanks to the 3 layers on the rails +++ thanks to the 3 layers on the rails ++ thanks to the 3 layers on the rails Excellent, with a triple layer of high quality PVC on the rails