€ 615,00

10'x31x5 / 11'6x30x5 / 12'6x28x5


The Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Girly 11′ x 30″ is built with Fusion technology to optimize performance on the water. This design makes it a top of the range board.
Inflatable paddle that is both light and rigid thanks to the Fusion technology (9kg) and 3 layers of PVC on the rails, which reduces inertia and increases gliding speed.
The SUP Girly 11’x30″ is specially designed for you, ladies, with a clean and original aesthetic.
It will be your ideal partner for training and discovering new marine environments.

Girly 10’x31x5 

Girly 11’6x30x5  

Girly 12’6x28x5