€ 799,00



The W-Foil 2020 has been designed with the best carbon and aluminium materials. Developed with a new front free-ride front wing profile that is extremely fast and efficient for its 1000 cm2 surface area. The rear wing has been worked to provide excellent stability. Our wings are 100% Carbon Pre-preg with no foam inside for perfect performance and strength. The mast is made of 60 micron anodised aluminium to guarantee the best possible rigidity and the fuselage is made of one-piece aluminium cut directly from the mass. The 1000 cm2 front wing allows you to take off very early and in little wind (6 knots) offering excellent speed. The pole is available in two purchase sizes: 85cm and 100cm.

The W-Foil Sroka was designed by J.B. Marchand,the shaper of the fastest windsurfing foil in the world. We are proud to share this local know-how and outstanding excellence with you.